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HERB GRINDERS - The Best Grinders For Your Herbs

March 01, 2018

HERB GRINDERS - The Best Grinders For Your Herbs

Why are grinders so important in the life of someone who vapes? Well the fact that you opted to use cannabis everyday for vaping comes hand in hand with the need of having a trusty grinder and this is primarily in order to obviously get things prepped up for a satisfying sesh.

If you don't have grinder yet, you may have already been itching to get one. Check our ONLINE VAPE STORE for some by clicking here: GRINDERS. Well, before making any brash decisions, why not do some research and learn more about how you can find the best herb grinder to pair with your vaporizer. So what are some of the things you need to know about grinders?

Grinders are classified in many types and may come in different sizes, designs and sometimes it comes along with some added features. Here we will help you understand grinders more by giving you an idea on what they are usually made of.

Common Grinder Types

1. Plastic Grinders

Plastic Herb Grinder

One of the good things you should know about Plastic Grinders is that they are very cheap! Some are made of durable plastic or acrylic and has the tendency of letting out fumes that can affect the taste and flavor of your herbs - but that's for low-quality plastic-made grinders. Plastic Herbs Grinders if not made with premium-quality materials are prone to potentially cause its user to inhale unwanted toxins that are in some cases linked to the cause of cancer and other health issues. The teeth on this type of grinder still can go a long way in getting your herbs shredded but not as much as what those that are made of metal. Though Plastic or Acrylic Grinders may have some cons that go along with it, it is also important to know the brand it represents as there are manufacturers of plastic and acrylic herb grinders that uses the best quality and highly durable materials in designing their grinders while keeping in mind the prevention of any harmful effects to every user making it safe and reliable.

2. Metal Grinders

Metal Herb Grinder

Metal Grinders or Aluminum Herb Grinders are the most popular herb crushers many smokers and vapers go for. These type of grinders specifically those that are made with high-grade aluminum or metal are known to be more reliable compared to those made of plastic or acrylic. When buying Metal Herb Grinders, just like those made of plastic, you should also check its set of teeth to get a better picture of how it capable it is in maximizing your herbs. In this case, as it is made of metal or aluminum, you can be sure that its teeth won't easily break off as it breaks down your favorite herbs based on how loose you want to have it leaving out any toxins that can be harmful to you. Another thing that sets metal grinders from those made of plastic is that most metal grinders come with a pollen chamber. Lastly, Aluminum or Metal Herb Grinders are priced more than Plastic or Acrylic Herb Grinders.

3. Wooden Grinders

Wooden Herb Grinder

This type of grinder would be the very least most cannabis users would consider getting. Slightly similar to plastic grinders, Wooden Grinders are hand-crafted and are less durable compared with Aluminum Herb Grinders. It also has teeth are like thin nails that are hammered into the wood that also serve the same purpose of grinding herbs. The quality and efficiency that comes with Wooden Grinders aren't as impressive as the other types and to some, may come a bit challenging to clean and maintain. Wooden Herb Grinders come in very affordable prices which is a good thing to consider if you have very little to spend.

There are more types of grinders but these are the most common. Whether they are made of plastic, acrylic, metal, aluminum or wood you must keep in mind that choosing the right grinder greatly affects the way your cannabis will taste. Factors that you need to consider in finding the best grinder will be your budget, the amount of herbs you'll frequently be shredding and how long you 'll be using it. Grinders also come in different sizes and layers. These we will talk about on our next blog. So stay tuned!

Looking for a trusty grinder to complete your vaping set? Make sure to check our line of HERB GRINDERS here at MIND VAPES ONLINE VAPE STORE!

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