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7th Floor Vapes

Stay up and elevated as 7th Floor Vapes take you to a vaping experience like no other. Back in the early 2000's, this company has developed what we know see as a top performing vaporizer, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. The SSV is a perfect example of how 7th Floor Vapes pushes the limits when it comes to their passion for success. Before the SSV came to life in the vaping industry, this brand name had some struggles along the way but it never stopped them from finding ways to improve and present a powerful and highly efficient vaporizer in the market. This experience of theirs inspired them to continue innovating and as a result, more designs were released which added more to their number of designs. 7th Floor Vaporizers aims to be the leading manufacturer of vaporizers in the world while providing a better lifestyle. Integrity, Quality and Innovative is what they're all about.

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Knock 20% OFF on all items with code 420SALE !