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Atmos Rx has been and still is recognized for its innovative designs when it comes to providing the best electric, portable and pen-type vaporizers. Based in Davie, FL, Atmos Rx works very exceedingly and competitively when it comes to e-cigar pen technology. From dry herbs to wax, e-liquid or all-purpose vaporizers, the folks from Atmos has kept on bringing forth great effort and impressive ideas in developing remarkable pieces to give all the vapers a good experience by producing tasty and pure quality vapor in a single hand held pen-type vaporizer. Being the first to create a dry herb vaporizer pen, Atmos Rx has made a lasting impression to the vaping industry and has never stopped innovating ever since. A total breakthrough in the vape market.

Atmos - Nano Prime Variable Voltage Battery 360mAh
by: Atmos Out of Stock
Atmos - Optimus Vaporizer Kit
by: Atmos $24.92
Atmos - Kiln Ceramic Mouthpiece
by: Atmos $19.92

Atmos - Kiln Battery
by: Atmos $33.92
Atmos - Kiln RA Cartridge
by: Atmos $39.92
Atmos - Kiln Cartridge
by: Atmos $29.92

Atmos - Kiln RA Vaporizer Kit
by: Atmos $77.92
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Enjoy 12% OFF on ALL ITEMS with code "SPRING12"!