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Smokebuddy is based in Southern California and was founded in 2008. With their philosophy "Keep Your Smoke to Yourself", their goal is to minimize the intake of second hand smoke by making premium quality air filters. They also aim to help smokers and non smokers enjoy the moment, especially in public. Their air filters are made with charcoal filters and custom with durable plastic. The products of Smokebuddy are simple and funky by adding accessories like keychains and pcoket flashlights, yet they never fail their customers to provide the best vaping experience. The mindset of Smokebuddy is that you can always enjoy your smoking session without worrying about the effects of secondhand smoking, especially with your family, friends, and the public. They are also known and famous in various locations, making their products accessible to people. Smokebuddy will give you the mutual benefits between non smokers and smokers.

Smokebuddy - Original Personal Air Filter
by: Smokebuddy $18.92
Smokebuddy - Mega Personal Air Filter
by: Smokebuddy $38.92
Smokebuddy - Junior Personal Air Filter
by: Smokebuddy $13.92
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Enjoy 15% OFF on ALL ITEMS with code "AUTUMN15"!