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Vapir Vape Parts

AIR-2 or Advanced Inhalation Revolution was founded in 1997 and became an independent producer of premium-quality vaporizers. In November of 2006, they've incorporated Vapir within the state of California. They are developers of digital vaporizers that are easily hand-held and portable. These products that Vapir provides aims to offer a smokeless alternative to let its consumers enjoy the taste and flavor of their favorite flowers without worrying about the risks associated with smoking. Vapir's vision has brought its products into the vaping market with a good reputation when it comes to educating the people about the benefits of using vaporizers. Vapir has been utilizing a method where they have removed the combustion element in their vaporizers and as a result, every user can safely inhale without any form of irritation or side effects. This has made its consumers gain their trust in providing absolute flavor, incredible potency and unrivaled freshness with every cloud of vapor.

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