Wax/Dry Herb Atomizer

A Wax or Dry Herb Atomizer is a type of attachment that is used with a vaporizer, vape pen, or electric dab rig. It is designed to vaporize either wax, oil, concentrates, or dry herbs, depending on the type of atty being used.

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A wax atomizer typically features a heating coil made of a material such as ceramic, quartz, or titanium. This heating coil is designed to quickly heat up the wax concentrate to its vaporization point, which produces a thick, potent vapor. Wax atomizers often have a deep dish or dab tank that can hold a large amount of wax, allowing for longer vaping sessions. 

A dry herb atomizer, on the other hand, usually features a heating chamber that is specifically designed to vaporize flower and herbs. The heating element is typically made of a material such as ceramic or stainless steel. It is designed to evenly heat the herbs without burning them. This produces a smooth, flavorful vapor that is ideal for those who prefer to vape dry herbs.

Overall, wax/dry herb atomizers are a great way to get the most out of your herb vaporizer or dab pen. These patties offer a convenient and efficient way to vaporize both wax concentrates and herbs.