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Great device

Very happy with this purchase very good device

Ooze Signal Concentrate WAX Pen
Terri M. (Columbia, US)

This pin is the best purchase I have made. It holds a good charge, light weight and compact. Great for on the go I have 2 of them now and use them all the time.


Very cool device!

Wulf Mods RECON 510 Battery
Heather D. (Mendota, US)

Wulf Mods RECON 510 Battery

New to E-nectar...

Easy operation and low cost, I may buy another!

Boundless Terp Pen Coils (5 Pack)
Lex M. (St. Petersburg, US)
Needed for the best terp pen experience!

I keep a little jar of alcohol and after I use my Terp pin a little bit get a new one and drop the used one in the alcohol and they get perfectly clean. Five is the right amount to have a good procedure.

Yocan ZIVA 510 Cart Battery
Rusty W. (Kodak, US)
Love this item

Won’t be going back to any other way to smoke Carts. This is smooth and easier on the throat . Still gives great hits even on lover voltage . I bought two cause I liked my first one that much .

Lookah BEAR 510 Thread Vape Battery
Carissa N. (Orlando, US)
Adorable great working battery 。^‿^。

I got the Lookah Bear 510 in pink and it's soooo cute i get compliments everyday; it hits so nice also. love the temp control <3 also great customer service

Perfect 510 battery

This battery not only last multiple days with extended use (100+puffs each time), but it has 9 different settings to dial in your cart.

Yocan Lux Cart Pen Battery Wulf mod color black-w-red spatter

Awesome battery, variable voltage adjustments are nice. The preheat function is plus. Works on all my carts with no problem what so ever. Love it 🤘👽🤘

Love it!!!!

Recently switched over to concentrate from flower and this “nectar collector” has made it a seamless transition. I love it I will be ordering more tips soon ☺️


The device is a small piece of software designed specifically for hhc or Thc o

I like it!

I really like this pulsar GiGi h20. It hits good enough and not too overwhelming. I like that I can stand it upright, so my 510 carts keep the goods down at the wick vs on the side of the tank.
The bong adapter is a great bonus. Only downside is that the adapter breaks easily above the threads. I used an easy out to remove the broken off threads from the base of the mod. I was able to superglue the threads back onto the adapter so it still works. The Pulsar website sells replacement adapters so I picked up extras for an inexpensive price. Battery lasts fairly long whether you're taking rips on the bong or just vaping on it.

Caligo REAKT 510 Thread Cart Vaporizer
Michael M. (Coeur d'Alene, US)
Great battery

I have tried many vape batteries over the years and this one is the best I've ever used

Yocan ZIVA 510 Cart Battery
C.B. (Liverpool, US)
Missed the mark

Looks good on paper, less so in reality. It fails on it's basic function of vaporizing liquid filled vape carts. That function varies widely depending on individual carts. However, carts that performed poorly worked fine when attached to a simple 510 thread stick battery. It's as though air is being sucked AROUND the cart instead of through the cart. This seems to be due to whether or not the cart takes up the available space around the cart. It seems that since airflow is what lets the battery turn on to vaporize the liquid, the more suction created, the better the actual vaporization. I bought two of these, and the problem exists in both ( I tried multiple carts as well), so I am fairly convinced that it is a design flaw. I wish I had seen the Wulf Mods RECON 510 Battery when I ordered these, as I like the features of that device. However, it seems to be based on the ZIVA, so it may share its shortcomings as well. I have more than a dozen Yocan devices and this is the first time I have been disappointed for any reason.

Dr. Dabber XS Mini Dab e-Rig Kit
Joshua R. (Phoenix, US)

I used it for when I am out and about it works like a champ. I will definitely buy another one but different style.

Great battery for ALL carts!

This battery is the ultimate solution if you have a wide range of different carts. I have a few that are wider than most, but they fit in the UNI perfectly. And with the fine voltage adjustments (0.1v at a time!), I always get the tastiest puffs, no matter what kind of cart. Highly recommended!


Fast shipping and good products

Love it!

I got the Cyan bear and I absolutely love it so much! It's so cute and the material is perfect!

Yocan ZIVA 510 Cart Battery
Jayden s. (Brighton, US)
Best battery for its price


Dr. Dabber - Stella Vaporizer
Konstantin B. (Atlanta, US)
Stella vape.

Stella, versatile veporizer, you can use pure wax as well as cart 510.
I actually bought it for the road, but I haven't tested it properly yet!
After using the wax, you start to worry that when you put the device vertically on the table, you start to worry that the device will fall and the wax will penetrate the tip.
Well, it is made of good material and assembled well, as well as well in the hand.
Dr. Dabber is a company that makes quality appliances, but after a while the electrical elements fail.

Lookah BEAR 510 Thread Vape Battery
Renata L. (Houston, US)
pretty cool

works well and very cute and unique 10/10 would recomend

Yocan Stix 2.0 Battery Replacement
Raymond G. (Brentwood, US)
Nice Battery

Works great, and easy to use…once you learn the procedure. I especially like the preheat function.


Good quality product. Good battery life. Fits most carts


As stated - ENJOY !!