Dr. Dabber

One of the very first to develop low-heat vaporizers, Dr. Dabber has been well-known for its commitment to providing effective, reliable, and convenient vaporizers. They take pride in their trademark for infusing Low-Heat Titanium Technology into the electric dab rigs, dab pens, and vape pens they create to optimize your experience. Dr. Dabber vaporizers are made to produce thick and flavorful vapor, giving its user an experience like no other. Designed with style and all about efficiency, Dr. Dabber displays their loyalty and passion in providing the ultimate vaping experience.

Dr. Dabber XS Mini Dab e-Rig Kit
Dr. Dabber - XS Quartz Chamber Replacement
Dr. Dabber - XS Glass Attachment
from $39.99
Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Clear Edition
Dr. Dabber - Boost EVO Vaporizer Kit
from $259.99
Eclipse Black
Moon White
Clear - Limited Edition
Carrot - Limited Edition
Rose Gold - Limited Edition
Dr. Dabber Switch Limited Edition
Sold Out
Dr. Dabber - Switch Limited Edition - Suga Sean O’Malley Edition
Dr. Dabber - Switch Limited Edition - Green - Glow in the Dark
Dr. Dabber - Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter for Replacement