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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers 2022

Want to know the top brands and dry herb vaporizers in the market today? Wondering which vaporizer would meet your needs and be perfect for your lifestyle? Are a homebody or a traveler, or maybe someone in between, and would want to make sure that your dry herb vaporizer can keep up with you? Check out this blog of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers and get your money's worth!

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Best Vape Pen

Best Vape Pen 2022

Looking for some basic information on which Vape Pen to purchase? Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can surely find the vape pen you're looking for in our catalog. This article shows the best vape pens and different designs we have available!

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Best Electric Nectar Collectors

Best Electric Nectar Collectors

e-Nectar Collectors are usually underrated devices. If one knows how to use an e-Nectar Collector, they would be able to maximize its potential and features. One just has to know which Electric Nectar Collectors to choose. Nothing is more rewarding than owning and having one in your pocket!

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Vaporizer Buyer's Guide

Why Vaporizer?

    • Say goodbye to that pesky throat burn we all dread! Today's vaping technology allows for us to ingest pure vapor as opposed to the age old practice of setting flower ablaze. This magic method is called convection, which simply means heating your materials without directly burning it. Utilizing a vaporizer eliminates the carcinogens we inhale from combustion and results in a far safer, less toxic toke. This is especially important for medical patients who are limited to practices that do not involve irritating their respiratory systems any further. Your lungs and scratchy throat will thank you in the long run!
    • The extreme smoke that emits when we spark up a joint or blunt are damn near the same as lighting up a cigarette. We expose ourselves and the people around us to carcinogens and the combustion of our materials also means a "louder" flower or wax odor. This is definitely not ideal when toking in sensitive locations. Vaping transforms materials into airy vapor which is light and almost non-detectable. Allowing you to vape your legal meds essentially anywhere the need arises. Get lit yet stay completely smokeless!
    • Let's face it, we love glass smoking devices because they make for a tasty smoke sesh. But lugging around a massive bong or insanely expensive (not to mention fragile!) heady piece is not the most convenient thing to do. Enter Portable Vaporizers. Imagine a quartz bowl packed in a handheld gadget! With today's amazing technology and American vaporizer companies continually evolving their products into these perfect, little vape machines, our daily lives have become SO much more convenient. Vape where you want, as discreet as you want!
    • Unlike buying glass products, most brand name vaporizers come complete with warranties that vary by manufacturer. Vapes are already far more durable than glass, and come with awesome warranties too?! Umm, yes please! You can expect to stay covered from anywhere from 1, 3, 5 years, to a lifetime! Now, doesn't waking up and finding your trusty, daily vaporizer won't power on anymore, seem like less of a panic inducing issue? ☺

Which Vaporizer is Right for You?

Desktop Portable
- For heavy, home users.
- Available in Whip or Forced Air modules.
- Almost all convection heating chambers.
- Larger amounts of vapor produced.
- Can accomodate multiple persons in one sesh.
- Precise temperature controls.
- Powerful vapor producing machines.
- Unparalled flavor!
 - Handheld. Easily fits in your pocket or bag.
- Discreet, lightweight, massive selection of styles!
- Many Affordable models.
- Safe & legal to use almost anywhere.
- Multi-use; Can be used for flower, concentrates, ejuice, or all three!
- Can help replace harmful cigarettes.