Puffco Vaporizers

In 2013, Puffco was established in Brooklyn, NY. Puffco has been known as a fast-growing innovator of the best vaporizers in the market. Part of what keeps their consumers loyal to their products is their way of using durable stainless steel in designing highly reliable vape pens, vape parts, and other high technology products that satisfies and resolves the needs of our fellow vapers. They are inspired in using the best materials in manufacturing their products and examples of these are coil-free atomizers, long-lasting batteries, and strong outer shells. This proves how much Puffco values and understands what the vaping community needs and this has brought them to grow and continue innovating. It is amazing how Puffco started with a group of people with different professions and experiences and through diversity, the company became what they are at present. In addition, Puffco released the Peak, the most innovative Smart Vaporizer in early 2018.

Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer Kit - New Version
Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl
Puffco - Proxy Bubbler Attachment
Puffco Proxy Ball Cap
Puffco - Proxy Travel Pack
Puffco Proxy Electric Pipe 3D Chamber
Puffco Proxy Electric Pipe
Original - Black
Desert - Brown
Puffco - Cupsy
Puffco Hot Knife (Black / Gold / Pink / Green)
Puffco - Journey Bag
Puffco - Budsy
Original (Black)
Emerald (Green)
Glacier (Blue)
Voodoo (Purple)
Clear X-Ray
Ribbon Pink
Puffco - Peak Atomizer
Puffco - Peak Vaporizer Kit
$289.99 $299.99
Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer