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Concentrate and Wax Vaporizers

Done are the days of having to grind your material for a better consistency and flavor of vapor. Thanks to great minds who thought of extracting those awesome terpenes from herbs to create concentrated materials such as Oils, Waxes, Crumbles, and E-juice! We can now just load our vaporizers up to the brim and start vaping. The Concentrates Vaporizer Collection will give you the best vaporizers that are compatible with concentrates, for a great price!

StoneSmiths' Slash Dab Pen
by: Stone Smith from $69.99 $74.99
StoneSmiths' Slash Atomizer / Chamber
by: Stone Smith Out of Stock
The Kind Pen - Mist Vaporizer Kit
by: The Kind Pen $29.92

Yocan - Stix Vaporizer Kit
by: Yocan $23.92
Pulsar - Go Series Thick Oil Vaporizer Kit
by: Pulsar $25.92
The Kind Pen - Slim Wax Vaporizer Kit
by: The Kind Pen $23.92

The Kind Pen - v2.W Vaporizer Kit for Concentrate
by: The Kind Pen $34.92

XMAX - Qomo Micro E-Rig Kit
by: SeshGear $89.99
Pulsar - APX Wax Vaporizer Kit
by: Pulsar $69.92
Yocan Flame Vaporizer
by: Yocan $72.99
Dr. Dabber - Boost EVO Vaporizer Kit
by: Dr. Dabber $329.95

Rio Dab Rig Makeover Kit by Stache Products
by: Stache Products $249.99
Yocan - Dive Mini Dab Pen Vaporizer
by: Yocan $44.99
Pulsar - Go Series Wax Vaporizer Kit - Smoker ePipe
by: Pulsar $78.92

Atmos - Optimus Vaporizer Kit
by: Atmos $24.92
Yocan - Armor Plus Vape Pen
by: Yocan $39.99 $49.99
Yocan - Apex Concentrate Vaporizer Kit
by: Yocan $29.99

The Kind Pen - Slim Wax Premium Vaporizer Kit
by: The Kind Pen $28.92
Yocan - Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer Kit
by: Yocan $58.92