G Pen Vaporizer

G Pen Micro+, Elite 2, Connect, Roam, and more

For almost a decade, G Pen by Grenco Science has maintained strong gameplay in the world of vaporizers. Grenco has continued to remain and secure a good reputation when it comes to its passion for vapes and our musically empowered, lifted lifestyles. Over the years they have continually partnered with some of the most influential artists and musicians. Just like the collaboration they have with Snoop Dogg, who also promotes loyalty to music and art. And Grenco didn't stop there, they continued developing portable vaporizers that are inspired by different themes thus bringing out impressive designs as a result. 

G Pen Micro+ Battery for Replacement
Original (Black)
Cookies X (Blue)
G Pen Micro+ Mouthpiece for Replacement
Original (Black)
Cookies X (Blue)
Lemonade (Yellow)
Dr. Greenthumb's X (Green)
G Pen Micro+ Plus Dab Pen
from $79.95
Original (Black)
Cookies Edition (Blue)
Lemonnade X (Yellow)
Dr. Greenthumb's X (Green)
Grenco Science - G Pen Roam Concentrate Vaporizer - Limited Editions
Cookies Version - Sky Blue
Lemonade Version - Yellow
Dr. Greenthumb's Version - Green
G Pen Dash Vaporizer for Dry Herb - Limited Editions
Cookies X - Blue
Lemonade - Yellow
Dr. Greenthumbs - Green
G Pen Connect (Portable eNail) - Limited Editions
G Pen Connect (Portable eNail) - Dr. Greenthumb's X Green Version
G Pen Connect (Portable eNail) - Cookies X Blue Version
G Pen Connect (Portable eNail) - Lemonade Yellow Version
G Pen Dash Dry Herb Vaporizer
from $69.95
Lemonade (Yellow)
Cookies X (Blue)
Dr. Greenthumbs (Green)
Original (Black)
from $59.95
Original (Black)
Cookies X (Blue)
G Pen Connect Concentrate Vaporizer
from $179.95
G Pen Connect Original (Black)
G Pen Connect Dr. Greenthumb's X Limited Edition (Green)
G Pen Connect Cookies X Limited Edition (Blue)
G Pen Connect Lemonade X Limited Edition (Yellow)