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Firefly Vaporizers

Founded in 2012, Firefly Vapor was established through the collaboration of Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson. Firefly Vapor has a vision of continuously improving the quality of people's lives by designing and developing top-quality vaporizers. As the years went by, Firefly has become popular in the vaping industry and one of their remarkable vaporizer has been given the title of the "Best Overall Vaporizer of 2016" by Gizmodo and "The iPhone of Vaporizers" by Newsweek. These rewards has motivated them more to keep on innovating. In the production of their products, they always use materials that are high-quality like magnetic lids and borosilicate vapor for sturdiness, reliability and longevity on their vaporizers. Take charge of what you want for your vaporizer with one of their inventions that allows you to track your vaping session through a phone app. What a breakthrough for Firefly Vapor!

Firefly - Firefly 2 Vaporizer Kit
by: Firefly $309.92 $328.92
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Enjoy 15% OFF on ALL ITEMS with code "AUTUMN15"!