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Haze Vaporizers

Known for their Haze Dual Vaporizer, Haze Technologies was established in 2013. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Haze Technologies created vaporizers for customers and users who love to vape outdoors. Introduced in the second quarter of 2014 and was followed by two more versions of the product, Haze Technologies emphasize a researched based system to provide high quality vaporizers for the best vaping experience. Haze gave a new touch to vaporizers units that improved the quality of vaping of customers, providng satisfaction and the best vaping experience. Through this improvement, they became famous in the vaping industry, thus, Haze had an increase in demand of units, selling units to numerous customers in the market. Haze DUal V3, one of their latest invention, boasts its portability and high quality features for an elevated smoking experience. Haze Technologies does not only focus on intense research and design. They also target to provide excellent customer service satisfaction and support. Vape and enjoy anywhere, anytime with Haze Technologies portable vaporizers!

Haze - Dual Version 3.0 Vaporizer Kit
by: Haze $198.92
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Enjoy 15% OFF on ALL ITEMS with code "AUTUMN15"!