KandyPens, Inc., a manufacturer based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA, has been featured in Forbes, High Times, BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone, and the Source. KandyPens has earned its reputation by exerting full effort with passion in its products via social media. They have been successful in advertising their products through a wide range of social media channels, collaborating with artists, DJs, Bands, and social media personalities around the world. To name a few personalities, Migo, Bryson Tiller, and DJ Khaled are some of those who take pride in the high-quality vaporizers that kept the customers asking for more. The latest invention, The PRISM Vaporizer, is well-known for its temperature settings, compact electroplated stainless steel body, large capacity ceramic chamber, dual quartz rods atomizer with titanium coils, and an all-glass mouthpiece. KandyPens is indeed standing up for its reputation, now that's sweet!