Vapium Vaporizers

Vapium as cofounded by Lisa Harun, the CMO and Michael Trzecieski, the Chief Engineer. This company was established to create vaporizers possessing reliable technology and smart design. The mission of Vapium is to provide customer satisfaction with their timeless vaporizers. The vaporizers they develop utilize the most recent technology that lets you use your vaporizer unit comfortably and conveniently anywhere, anytime. Being featured in Forbes, GQ, Cosmopolitan and more shows how they've changed the vaping market to a greater magnitude. The Summit+, one of their famous vaporizer, was considered the first splashproof vaporizer. Another version of the Summit+ called the Summit+ Strain Hunters Edition, is made fit for hunters looking for a wonderfully engineered and designed vaporizer that can be brought anywhere. Looking for vaporizers with super stealth, efficient and easy grip design? Vapium Vaporizers has got all you need!