Yocan Battery and Vape Pens

On Mind Vapes, we're proud to offer the widest selection of Yocan products online. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the perfect vaporizers for you. Yo can vape pen is known for its high quality, innovative design, and affordable prices. They're also backed by a solid warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is protected.

Yocan Green - Whale Air Filter
Yocan Green - Penguin Handheld Air Filter
Yocan Green Pinecone Air Filter
Yocan Green - Mushroom Air Filter
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Yocan ZEN C4-DE+ Plus Coil (5 Pack)
Yocan ZEN C4-DE Coils (5 Pack)
Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife Ceramic Tips (5 Pack)
Yocan Dyno C-Tube Tips (5-Pack)
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Yocan Dyno Glass Mouthpiece
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Yocan Black Phaser Arc Glass Attachment
Yocan Black Phaser Max Glass Attachment
Yocan Black Phaser Celestial Glass Top
Yocan BLADE Ceramic Hot Knife Tip (5 Pack)
Yocan Evolve-D Plus Coils (5 Pack)
Yocan Pillar Mini e-Rig Glass Top Attachment
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Yocan VANE Mouthpiece
Yocan CubeX TGT Coils (5 Pack)
Yocan - Cubex Coil Caps (5 Pack)
Yocan - Battery for Cubex Vape Pen
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Yocan - Magnetic Ring (5 Pack)
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Yocan - UNI Replacement Atomizers (5 Atomizers)
Yocan Orbit Atomizer
Yocan ORBIT Glass Mouthpiece
Yocan - Loki XTAL Tip (5 Pack)
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Dry Herb Coil for Wulf Mods x Yocan Evolve Plus XL
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Black Red Spatter
Black White Spatter
White Black Spatter
White Red Spatter
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Yocan Battery Tech is a company in Shenzhen, China that makes affordable and reliable dry herb vaporizers and wax vape pens as other American vaporizer brands like Lookah and OOZE.

On Mind Vapes Online Shop, we sell all Yocan vaporizers and parts, like the Cylo wax vaporizer, the Dyno, and the UNI Pro 2.0 box mod battery. It doesn't end there as they are continuously working to incorporate more advancements to their devices for a healthier vaping experience and a better lifestyle.

Their prices are low for high-quality dab pens with dual quartz coils, quartz rods, dual quartz atomizers, or quad coils. Most Yo can wax pens have a 500mah battery to 1400mah battery life.

The manufacturer also offers quality replacement parts and accessories such as atomizers and 510 cartridges, which are universally compatible with 510 threaded batteries.

Now this brand has a high-end vaporizer series called Yocan Black and a healthy air filter series called Yocan Green.

How to Use Yocan Vape Pen (Basic Operation)

Some of the devices might need to operate slightly differently, but here is the basic way to operate them.

Turning On and Off

Most Yocan batteries use the five-click safety feature. Quickly press the power button five times to turn the device on. The indicator light will flash to show it's on. To turn off the device, press the power button another five times quickly.

Setting the Temperature/Power (if applicable)

Some of this brand's battery models have adjustable temperature or power settings. To change them, typically you'd press the power button three times quickly. The device may have different color indicators for different temperature settings.


After ensuring the device is on, press and hold the power button to heat up the coil. Start inhaling slowly and gently. Release the power button once you've inhaled the desired amount.

Using Preheat Mode on a Yocan Vape Pen

Some portable vaporizers of this brand, including newer models, have a preheat function. This function helps thicker oils and concentrates become more liquid or thin, which results in quicker and more efficient vaporization.

  1. Activate preheat mode by pressing the power button twice rapidly.
  2. Wait for the preheat cycle to complete (usually around 10 seconds).
  3. After preheating, press and hold the power button to vape.

General breakdown of the light indications on Yocan Vape pens

Battery Status

  • Green: Fully charged or high battery.
  • Blue: Medium battery.
  • Red: Low battery, needs recharging.

Temperature/Power Settings (if adjustable)

  • Different colors (like green, blue, and white) might represent different temperature settings or power levels. You'll typically switch between these settings with multiple clicks of the power button.

Preheat Mode

  • Flashing lights or a specific color (often blue or rainbow) can indicate that the pen is in preheat mode.


  • Red: Charging.
  • Green (or light turns off): Fully charged.


A blinking red light can indicate connection issues, such as an incorrect coil connection or a short circuit. To fix this, clean the connection parts on both the battery and coil thoroughly. If the light is still blinking, replace the coil with a new one.

* Consult your Yocan vape model's user manual for accurate light indications, as there may be variations or updates not mentioned here.