May 09, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018 : Save More & Get 20% Discount With Us!

By Sara R
Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018 : Save More & Get 20% Discount With Us!

Mother's Day is fast approaching and if you have a mom that you love so dearly, you wouldn't miss out on this opportunity to show her some love through gifts.

There's no greater feeling in the world for moms when they feel appreciated for all the things they have done for us and everything they still do. This coming Sunday, make her feel extra special by giving her something that will melt her heart and at the same time make her feel like a queen even just for a day. So here are some of our Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

Captured Memories!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 1

Make her special day even more heart melting by highlighting this year's best family memories. Gather photos of you and the entire crew showing those smiles and laughter, turn it into a collage and now you have a DIY Mother's Day gift that saves you $$$ and takes very less effort to make. What are her hobbies and interests? If she likes gardening, cooking, painting? You can also create a photo collection of her favorite things and all the things she loves to do.

It's Just Paper!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2

Give mom something that doesn't wither like Origami Flowers. These are solely made out of papers which is very low cost but takes some effort to make. You can research on different Origami flowers on Pinterest and do it yourself. If you are planning to give her a new vape pen as a gift (which you can get for 20% off in our vape sale!), make it unique and jazz it up a bit by using the vaporizer as the stem and wrapping it petals made of origami. If you can't master the art of origami flower making, you can always stick to greeting cards and flowers - go back to the basics!

Get Super Sentimental!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Make your momma cry with tears of joy by giving her a personalized Mother's Day gift that she can wear or take with her every day. Perhaps a necklace, bracelet or pendant that has a note or name engraved unto its surface makes it even more sentimental. You can take this idea to another level and make it extraordinary especially if your mom vapes by having her vaporizer unit get custom-designed by engraving it with her name, a note or maybe an inspiring quote that will certainly make it her favorite vaporizer. She'll love it!

Does Your Mom Vape?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 4

If mom is a smoker or a vaper, you can take advantage of our ONLINE VAPE SALE here at MIND VAPES as we are taking 20% OFF on all orders store wide! Browse through our hundreds of top of the line and highly reliable vaporizers and find the vape that she will love as the perfect Mother's Day gift! Just don't forget to use store code "MOMDAY20" upon checkout so you can save more to buy and make some DIY gifts!

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all the WONDERWO-MOMS out there!