February 22, 2018

Puffco Peak - The World's First Smart Rig

By Sara R
Puffco Peak

Say goodbye to traditional dabbing and say hello to the future. The Puffco Peak Vaporizer is your not-so-ordinary vape for it heightens your enjoyment as you taste the pureness and potency of your concentrates. Puffco really is serious in their game as they created the world's very first smart bong. To get more in depth of what type of vaping device it really is, watch Puffco's preview video on the Peak.

The Peak by Puffco

The Puffco Peak has the characteristics of both a dab rig and an e-nail. It's quite impressive as it is designed to function without the need for blow torches while providing water filtration similar to a dag rig. It has a built-in battery that allows you to get roughly 25-30 dabs in one full charging. The Peak stands at about 7 inches tall and has a 2.75 inch wide base which makes it perfectly balanced. When it comes to efficiency, the Peak is playing it right with its 4 Level Heat Settings and Intelligent Temperature Calibration. It also promotes consistency as it gives you the same level of euphoria even after it gets passed along to the last person during group vaping sessions.

Don't be intimidated by its design as it is surprisingly simple to operate. Here's how to use the Peak:

  • Make sure to read the directions. Almost all questions are found inside.
  • Ensure that its is fully charged on your first use.
  • Read and then carefully remove the sticker on the glass prior to using.
  • Fill the glass with water without going above the air-holes. Do this prior to attaching the glass to its base.
  • Use your gentle hands and place the glass component into the base.
  • Power up the device by holding down the button for 3 seconds
  • Use single clicks to select desired heat setting.
  • With the loading tool, place your material of choice on the bottom surface of the bowl
  • Place carb cap on top of the atomizer.
  • Double click to heat it up. Press and hold button anytime to exit. The blinking light will let you know that heat-up mode is active.
  • The unit will vibrate and the lights will flash once its ready.
  • Inhale repeatedly while doing it gently until the device is finished producing vapor. Don't rip it hard to get more vapor and to avoid oil splashing into the atomizer. 
  • ENJOY!

How to Clean: Cleaning the Peak Vaporizer leaves out all the complication and messy stuff as all you need is a cotton swab to clean its chamber after every use to keep it on top shape.

What's not to love about this pyramid-shaped space bong? Call all your fellow stoners and vapers out there and let the Puffco Peak treat you with sky-rocketing hits!

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