March 16, 2018

The Pulsar Go Review - The Next Hybrid Vape

By Sara R
The Pulsar Go Review - The Next Hybrid Vape

As many concentrate vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers have emerged in the vaping industry, many manufacturers had kept on coming up with better designs that have been pushing forward a healthy competition as they focus on delivering a top-quality vape unit while continuously finding more ways to improve. Pulsar, is one of the most well-known manufacturer of powerful and efficient dry herb and concentrate vaporizers that really deliver. And as most of their portable vapes, vape pens and e-nails are selling like pancakes in the market, they have kept their products within a budget-friendly range so that every vaporizer enthusiast can "Enjoy Higher Culture" with their wide array of vape units.

Because of Pulsar's passion for delivering vaporizers that answer your every need, they recently released another chain of vaporizers that got every people curious and as a result, had become one of the most sought after vape products. The Pulsar Go Series features one of their latest additions called the Pulsar Go Series Wax/Smoker ePipe, which you will learn more about as you continue reading to give you more idea if it will be a good option in choosing the right vape for your waxes. If you have already tried the Pulsar APX Wax which is a very decent ultra-portable wax vape, you will certainly love the Go Wax Smoker ePipe.

Pulsar Go Review

What's in the Kit?

The Pulsar Go Series Wax Smoker ePipe includes a Ceramic Power Pad Herb Atomizer and a Triple Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer that and are interchangeable giving you more freedom to choose what material to use. It also comes with Dabbing and Cleaning Tool, a USB cable and a stroage container for the basics. A Pulsar Go Series Instruction Manual is also included in the kit as a guide for first time users.

Design and Performance

Pulsar designed the Smoker ePipe with a glossy finish which is pretty minimalistic. It comes with a mouthpiece that is hand-blown using Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass which ensures you of its high-resistance to getting shattered when dropped accidentally. Its has a Single Button situated on the side of the mouthpiece that makes operation on this vape unit very comfortable while giving you a really good hand grip. The Pulsar Go Series Wax Vape also comes super lightweight so it adds a really nice feel for those long sessions. It works similar to a box mod so using this vape pen feels like your drawing from a glass pipe. It is well-made, sturdy and it includes Interchangeable Coils. This Dry Herb Smoker / Wax Vaporizer boasts its Rapid Pulse Heating that does an impeccable job in producing amazingly thick clouds! With its wax and herb atomizers, both can deliver vapor that is nice, smooth and a very pleasant taste! To sum it up, the Go Series Wax Smoker ePipe is designed with portability, efficiency and simplicity in mind.

How To Use The Pulsar Go Series Wax Smoker

The Pulsar Go Series has a very user-friendly interface. As mentioned, operating this wax vape comes with its Single Button Feature that serves its purpose in firing up the unit. This electric pipe or one hitter comes with a dual chamber which lets you choose between two atomizers: the three coiled for waxes and the smooth one for dry herbs. Here's how to use the Go Series Wax / Smoker ePipe:

  • Install the chamber by gently taking off the glass mouthpiece.
  • Unscrew the protective collar and take the atomizer of your choice and carefully put it in place then put the collar back on to secure.
  • For Waxes: Load the chamber with your wax material and place it on top of the coils.
  • For Herbs (Smoker): Load the chamber by placing your dry herbs on the inside. Fill it halfway and grab you dabbing or tamping tool to pack it nice and tight.
  • Switch on the unit by quickly pressing the button 5 times.
  • Prime by holding the button for roughly about 5 seconds until you see a bit of vapor rising or building up.
  • This is the part where you take your very first draw.
  • Enjoy!

The Pulsar - Go Series Wax Vaporizer / Smoker ePipe is sold here at MIND VAPES ONLINE VAPE STORE and is priced at under $80. You can even get it for less when you use our discount code OPENING17 on your checkout!

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