January 17, 2018

Vaping Tips and Tricks : Part 1

By Sara R
Vape tips and tricks

Vaping is not just about building mods and mastering what type of vaporizer works for which. Vapers all around the world have found a way to make this so-called healthier habit even more enjoyable and interesting through vape tricks.

If your goal is to get attention or just want to overcome boredom, here are some tips (with video tutorials) on how you can impress your friends with some cool vape tricks.

1. The Ghost Inhale

Vape Tips and Tricks - The Ghost Hit

Also called the Snap Inhale or the Mushroom Cloud, the Ghost Inhale is one of the easiest vape tricks that you can learn as a beginner. First thing to know about doing this trick is that you need to take a mouth hit. It is sort of like hanging your breath or letting the vapor sit in your mouth without sending it to your lungs. Performing this vape trick comes in three easy steps: Inhale - Release - Capture. It's that simple. During the inhale process, you let vapor into your mouth and let it sit. Next is the release where you will gently open your mouth while letting vapor exit out and closing it slowly so that its not spread out to much. And lastly, you need capture the vapor back into your mouth by snapping it back in. When it comes to capturing the ghost, you can try to play around by opening your lips a little if you want to go slow with the capture or opening it wide if you're aiming for huge and fat ghosts. A tip for you to know that you are doing it right is that it should let out a ball-like shape as you do the release. All it takes is these three easy steps to create the Ghost Inhale.

Vape Trick: Video Tutorial

How to Ghost Inhale

2. The Dragon Exhale

Vape Tips and Tricks - The Dragon's Breath

When you feel like unleashing that mythical monster in you, you may want to try the Dragon Exhale. Now this is a very easy vape trick especially for starters. To do this vape trick, you just need a vaporizer that can produce a lot of vapor, no need for props! You start by taking a long drag or inhaling a huge amount of vapor and exhaling it consistently out of your nostrils and mouth at the same time. You mouth by the way, needs to let the vapor exit on both sides while letting your top lip touch your lower lip. The trick is to blow the vapor out of the four holes on your face (nose and mouth). It's that simple and easy. Do it yourself! This trick just might help you land a spot in the Game of Thrones!

Vape Trick: Video Tutorial

How to Dragon Exhale

3. The Waterfall Vape

Vape Tips and Tricks - The Vape Waterfall

Have you ever wanted to play the role of a mad scientist? The Waterfall Vape is a very simple vape trick that you can easily learn in just a few simple and easy steps. In order to successfully achieve this vape trick, you will need a bottle that has frozen water on its bottom or a really cold glass. As simple as slowly blowing vapor into the bottle and slowly pouring it out, you will get that waterfall effect. Another tip in doing the Waterfall is that it can also be done by letting vapor flow through your lips slowly and closely facing down. You can even make it more realistic by letting the vapor smoothly flow out on a flat surface for that waterfall effect. It's that simple and doesn't require any skills at all! You will feel like you're doing a science experiment as you execute this trick.

Vape Trick: Video Tutorial

How to Waterfall Vape

Stay tuned for more vape tips and tricks on our next Mind Vapes blog!

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