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Pod Vapes

Super lightweight, small in size and very easy to use. Pod Vapes are now back in the trend and is being named as the future of vaping. Brace yourself for an entirely different level of vaporization as many leading vape brands begin to embrace Pod Mod Vaporizers by making their own unique designs that even you will definitely get hooked to e-juice vaping. Try to keep up with us as we bring you these Pod Vapes that are making a hit in the market and we will make sure to feature them here at Mind Vapes!

Suorin - Drop Vaporizer Kit
by: Suorin $33.92
KandyPens - Rubi Vaporizer Kit
by: KandyPens $49.92
Yocan - X Concentrate Pod Vaporizer
by: Yocan $39.99

Suorin - Air Vaporizer Kit
by: Mind Vapes $28.92
Sutra Vape - Sutra Dash Pod Vaporizer Kit
by: Sutra Vape $33.92

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