Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig

by: Lookah


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Color: Rainbow
  • Mini WAX Vape Dab e-Rig
  • One of a Kind Ribcage and Backbone Perc Design
  • High-Level Water Filtration
  • Removable and Replaceable Coil
  • Magnetic Coil Cap
  • 3 Variable Voltage and Heat Settings Control
  • Crisp LED Digital Display
  • Haptic Feedback and One-Button Operation
  • Please make sure to wipe around the Atomizer to remove unused wax after use.

Product Video - Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig Unboxing and Overview

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig
  • 2 x 710 Thread Coil
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual 


Manufacturer: Lookah
Charging: USB Type-C
Battery Cap: 900 mAh
Power Settings: 3.2V Green/ 3.6V Blue/ 4.0V White
Warranty: 3-Month Manufacturer Warranty 
Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Neon Green (Yellow), Rainbow
Weight: 12oz
Material Compatibility: Wax Concentrates

Product Descriptions

The Lookah Dragon Egg Electric Dab Rig is an electronic dab rig made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This eRig features a unique egg-shaped design that makes it stand out from other dab rigs on the market. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and a digital display that shows the temperature and battery level. The temperature can be easily controlled using the buttons located on the front of the device, with a maximum temperature of 800°F.

The Lookah Dragon Egg Electric Dab Rig is a popular choice for both beginners and experienced dabbers due to its ease of use and easy-to-clean design. It comes with a range of accessories, including a glass carb cap and dab tool, and offers excellent performance. The device is stylish, durable, and offers a unique dabbing experience, making it a popular choice among dabbing enthusiasts. Mind Vapes has its atomizers, downstems, mouthpiece, and glass bowl base for sale.

How to Use Lookah Dragon Egg Electric Dab Rig

  1. Charge the device: Connect the charger to the device's charging port and wait for the battery to fully charge.
  2. Fill the water chamber: Fill the water chamber with water until it covers the percolator.
  3. Turn on the device: Press the power button 5 times to turn on the device, and the digital display will show the current temperature.
  4. Load the concentrate/WAX: Use the dab tool to place a small amount of WAX or concentrate on the quartz coil.
  5. Heat up the device: Press the firing button to heat up the device, and the digital display will show the current temperature.
  6. Inhale the vapor: Once the temperature reaches your desired level, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale the vapor.
  7. Clean the device: After use, wait for the device to cool down and clean the quartz atomizer coil and water chamber with isopropyl alcohol.

* Following these steps will help you use the Lookah Dragon Egg Electric Dab Rig effectively and safely. Keeping the atomizer clean is key to having a long run.

Replaceable Parts for your Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig:

How to Clean Lookah Dragon Egg Electric Dab Rig

  1. Take the parts of the Dragon Egg apart properly and carefully
  2. Soak the parts (mouthpiece, downstem, bowl base) in warm and soapy water for several minutes.
  3. Use a soft brush to gently clean the parts.
  4. Rinse the parts thoroughly.
  5. Use a soft towel to wipe them dry.
  6. Put the parts back together after making sure they are clean and dry.

Important: Do not use isopropyl alcohol to clean the Lookah Dragon Egg's plastic parts.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig

What does the "L" display on the screen mean?
Answer: Charge your Lookah Dragon Egg using a working Type C USB cable.

What does the "0" or "9" display on the screen mean?
Answer: Remove the 710 quartz coil. By using a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol, remove the residue on the threaded part of the coil. Use a new clean Q-tip with alcohol to clean the threaded hole on the base as well. Reattach the coil. If cleaning does not resolve the issue, try using a new quartz coil.

How do I change the voltage of my Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig?
Answer: While the unit is active, press the power button 2 times to toggle between heat levels. LED Light indicator for respective voltage level will light up for respective voltage level and the device will vibrate as well.
Level 1: 3.2V - Green
Level 2: 3.6V - Blue
Level 3: 4.0V - White

What kind of cartridges will work with my Lookah Dragon Egg?
Answer: The Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig worked with all types of Lookah 710 Thread Coils.

How long should I charge my Lookah Dragon Egg?
Answer: It takes approximately 120 minutes to charge the device. The Red LED Light is always on when the unit is being charged. The Lookah Dragon Egg does not have overcharging protection, please make sure to not overcharge as it may damage or shorten battery life.

What does the "H" display on the screen mean?
Answer: H display with the Purple LED light flashing 5 times means that the device is overheating. Please stop using the device and let it cool down.

Lookah Dragon Egg for Mind Vapes Colors


1 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Portable and Convenient
2 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Unique and Functional Design
3 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Magnet Connected 710 Atomizer
4 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes High-Quality Tempered Glass Mouthpiece
5 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Patented Product
6 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes 3-Level Temp Settings
7 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Crisp Digital Display
8 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Fast Type C Charging Port
9 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Safe Removable Parts
10 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes 3 Stage Separation Combination
11 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Cooling Vent Design
12 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Carburetor
13 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Compatible with Lookah 710 Series Coils
14 Lookah Dragon Egg Mini eRig for Mind Vapes Specification

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
M.C. (Plainsboro, US)
Awesome Vape

East to use, quick to set up. Vapes concentrates very nicely.
Shipping was very fast, discrete and item was packaged well.

Donna S.

Works great.

M.M. (Seattle, US)
Dragon egg

50 yes. Of testing various products far jump from the beer can very impressed

Katie M. (Bedford, US)
Great product, perfect gift.

Great product, surprised my boyfriend with this and he loves it! Only reason I went to 4 stars, instead of 5, is because they sent me black instead of the purple one I ordered.

Mat K. (Ballwin, US)

This dragons egg is a great little device. Hits smooth with or without water. Easy to care for.
I would give it a five star, except for 1 thing. There should be a way to pre heat every time without having to hold for 10 sec or turn on and off. Example, Lookah snail, unicorn, and seahorse. I still recommend this, and to buy from this shop.

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