May 07, 2018

How To Choose The Best Vaporizer : Buying Guide for Starters

By Sara R
How To Choose The Best Vaporizer : Buying Guide for Starters

Finally decided to make that switch to a healthier option? But still undecided on what vaporizer is the right one for you? This is something very common especially to those who are new in vaping. It may sometimes be difficult and confusing to find the best vaporizer that will suit your needs and preferences. Here in this guide, we will give you the how to's and the not to's when it comes to choosing the best vaporizer.

Goodbye Smoking.. Hello to VAPING!

In general, these are some of the questions you need to ask and consider in choosing a vaporizer:

What's your preferred material for vaping?

1. Dry Herbs
2. Waxes and Concentrates
3. Hybrid or Combination

One of the things you need to consider when finding the best vaporizer for you is to first determine the type of material you want to vape with. You can read more about the comparison between Herbs and Concentrates, youi can read about in the "Dry Herbs vs. Concentrates : Your Guide to Vaping" article. Vaporizers are made based on the type of material is being used as its heating components are different depending on the material its being designed for. Atomizers are equipped in these vaporizers and specialized for vaporizing either dry herbs, concentrates or combination of both.

Vaporizers Based on Material Compatibility:


Where do you prefer vaping at?

1. Indoors
2. Outdoors

Many people who vape have noticed that vaping outdoors is totally different compared to vaping indoors. Some say that the climate difference is a factor when it comes to the amount of vapor you get to produce. Hotter temperatures and lower humidity results to lesser quantity in vapor while cooler temperatures and higher humidity results to larger vapor production. This explains that though there may not be that much difference in taste, the density of the vapor is greatly impacted when you vape at different temperatures.

What type of vaporizer do you prefer using?


These are known as plug-in units that you can use for vaping indoors or at home. Many say that not having a desktop vaporizer means you're missing out on a performance that portable vaporizers can't deliver. So if you give more importance to vapor quality over portability, then you probably should be blowing those vapor clouds at home. Examples of these are Whip Style Vapes, Balloon or Bag Vapes.

Here are the Pros and Cons of a Desktop Vaporizer:

Desktop Vaporizers Pros and Cons

These are known as transportable or hand-held units that are made ideally for vaping on the go. Portable vaporizers may come pocket-friendly and small in size but these are usually designed with high capacity and powerful batteries that comes with temperature flexibility and a remarkable heating system. Examples of these are butane-powered vapes, inhaler-type vapes, pen-style vaporizers and more.

Here are the Pros and Cons of a Portable Vaporizer:

Portable Vaporizers Pros and Cons

Which heating method do you prefer?

1. Conduction Heating

In this process the material gets vaporized by direct contact on a surface that is already heated. There is no presence of combustion in this heating method and temperatures are always below the level of burning the material and is also often times in combination with convection heating. The result you'll get with the conduction heating method would most definitely be thick and flavorful vapor. Who would say no to that, right?

2. Convection Heating

In this process, the entire chamber gets heated evenly and once the ideal temperature has been reached must be drawn through the mouthpiece producing hot air that passes through the material leaving you with flavor that is well-preserved plus a sensation that gets you lifted.

Convection vs Conduction Vaping

source of the image is used from ‘Zamnesia

Now that you know the things to consider in finding the best vaporizer that'll give you that daily dose of boost and lift, this might be the right time for you to get your vaporizer of choice. You can stop, look and shop for our budget -friendly vape products in our Vaporizers on Sale here in our online vape shop.

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