January 29, 2018

POD MODS | The Future of Vaping

By Sara R

They say that pod vapes are the future in vaping. If that is so, then you are probably thinking about what's making them very popular in the market. Pod mods are known for its ease of use, consistency and portability. Long time vape users even started vaping pod mods by the time it hit the market which makes it quite intriguing to know why these pod-based vaporizers are being predicted as the next big thing.

What are Pod Mods?

Pod Mods are usually small in size, compact and super lightweight. Like E-Cigarettes, pod mod vaporizers are highly likely what beginners would usually get when making the switch from smoking to vaping. They also come in very affordable prices and a lot easier to carry around. Pod Mods usually consist of three components: an E-Juice Pod or Pod Cap that mostly come pre-filled, a rechargeable battery that ranges from 100mAh to 900mAh and an LED power indicator. Powering it up is activated by drawting air from its mouthpiece and its sensor does its job by heating up the unit's coil.Very simple on the outside but powerful on the inside. Pod Mods also come with an easy to use interface and the selection of flavors for its e-liquid makes your vaping experience more interesting as you can change your flavor of choice by simply replacing its pod caps. These E-Cigs also have the capacity when it comes to bringing out powerful hits and solid vapor production. There is no doubt that Pod Mods can deliver big things in a small package.

The Best Pod Mods in the Market

Now that you know what a Pod Mod is and how it works, here is our list of the 3 best pod mod systems to date including their premium features that sets them apart from the others.

1. KandyPens Rubi - $50 (get it for less when you shop here at Mind Vapes!)kandypens rubi pod mod vape

  • RUBI Pod Vape
  • Refillable 1 ml Pod Cartridge
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Micro USB Charger
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Lifetime Warranty on Battery

  • Highlights:
  • Open System
  • Patent Pending Innovative Design
  • OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology
  • Leak Proof Pod Design
  • No Spit Backs
  • Air Activated (No Power Button)
  • 8 Second Auto Shut Off Feature
  • Portable and Elegant Design

  • 2. Juul Electronic Cigarette - around $50juul pod mod vape

  • JUUL Pod Vape
  • Refillable Multi Juul Pods (by 4's)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Charger
  • 1 Year Warranty on Device

  • Highlights:
  • Closed System
  • Temperature Control (Anti Dry Hit)
  • Fast Charging Battery
  • 50mg Salt-Based Nicotine (on Pods)
  • Draw- Activated
  • Built-In Mouthpiece
  • Solid Vapor Production
  • Easy to Carry and Use
  • Aesthetic Design

  • 3. Aspire Gusto Mini - around $30

    aspire gusto mini pod mod vape

  • GUSTO MINI Pod Vape
  • Replaceable Halo Pod (4.2ml)
  • Replaceable Mouthpieces (2's)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Limited Warranty

  • Highlights:
  • Closed System
  • Over Heat and Charge Protection
  • Projected Mouthpiece
  • One Button Operation
  • Auto Shut Off Feature
  • Pre-filled Pods with No Leaks
  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Here are more pod mod vapes that you can also consider when buying.

    KandyPens Feather

    kandypens feather pod mod vape

  • Feather Battery
  • Feather Tank
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • Lifetime Warranty on Battery

  • Highlights:
  • Portable Vaporizer for E-Liquids
  • Portable and Compact Design
  • Air Acitvated
  • Refillable Tank (2ml)
  • 380mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Rubber Finish
  • Pocket-Friendly Pod Vape

  • Bo Vaping - Bo One Pod Vape

    bo one pod mod vape

  • Bo One Battery
  • Bo Flavor Pods
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Magnetic USB Charger

  • Highlights:
  • French Portable Vape for E-Liquids
  • Closed System Pod Vape
  • Anti Dry Hit System, No Leaks
  • Temperature Control Feature
  • Built-In LED Light Indicator
  • Includes 2 Aroma Liquid Caps
  • Magnetic USB Charger and Stand
  • Pass-Through E-Cig Feature
  • Luxurious Matte Finish

  • Pod Mod devices will surely make your vaping experience more simple. Indeed it is the future of vaping. If you are interested in vaping pod mods and e-juices, might as well visit MIND VAPES Online Vape Shop for more pod-based vaporizers such as these and make sure to check our portable, pen-type and desktop vapes that come with lowered prices!

    Stay up and keep your mind elevated!