December 27, 2017

Desktop, Portable or Pen Type Vaporizers : Which One Should I Choose?

By Sara R
Desktop, Portable or Pen Type Vaporizers

So you've finally made that decision of kicking those cigarette butts and switched to the healthier alternative - vaping. Now you probably might be in and out of different vape shops, probably have done window shopping, asked your vaping friends and even Googled about what type of vaporizer works for you.

In general, there are three types of vaporizers: desktop, portable and pen type. Each may be alike in some ways but they also have different characteristics based on their design and performance which separates them from one another. So, let's see which vaporizer type will work well for you.


1. Desktop Vaporizers

  • Table top or desktop vaporizers come in big and bulky sizes and are plug-in units that you can use at home. You won't be carrying this around for cord type vaporizer units comes in bigger sizes and are known to be more powerful and a bit expensive compared to portable vaporizers and vape pens. Desktop vaporizers are mostly used by groups of people who vape for medical purposes. It can also work well for those hard core vapers who want to more vapor quality than those that come in portable vapes and vape pens. There's no denying that the price range on table top vaporizers are quite high compared to portable and pen types but the vapor quality you will get out of it makes it worth every dollar spent. Its main purpose is to deliver an outstanding performance and richer flavor as oppose to portability and discreetness. Many vaporizer brands have emerged in the market featuring whip style, balloon style and other desktop vaporizers that many people find exceedingly reliable when it comes to performance, power and providing the best vaping experience. Top brands such as the Herbalizer, HotBox, Storz & Bickel, VapeXhale and Vapir are some of the highly rated table top vaporizers to date.

  • 2. Portable Vaporizers

  • Portable vaporizers unlilke desktop vaporizers come in smaller sizes and are hand held vaping devices that are ideal for travelling or hiking. So if you are the kind who likes the outdoors then this type of unit will surely fit your needs. Portable vapes are compact but not as compact as vape pens and they also come in different shapes as some come in rectangular, square or round shape. One unique characteristic about portable vaporizers is that they sometimes come in disguise to draw people's attention away and to keep your vaping habit in secret. Many vapes are deisgned similar to asthma inhalers, flasks and even walkie talkies to name a few. Another thing that makes portable vapes different from vape pens is that it has more room for added features and some feature mobile application compatibility that allows its user to operate the unit in their smart phone. The brand names AirVape, Arizer, Boundless, DaVinci and Flowermate are just a few of the well-recognized manufacturers of portable vaporizers in the market.

  • 3. Pen Type Vaporizers

  • Pen Type Vaporizers also known as vaporizer pen or vape pen are vaporizers that are designed in a compact pen-like form. It is commonly used for vaping on-the-go for it comes more discreet, more portable and more affordable. Vaporizer pens has components which include a battery that sometimes come with pre-set temperatures and safety features, an atomizer that heats up your choice of material and a mouthpiece that sometimes come in different shapes and sizes. A vape pen may not be equipped with the capability to produce vapor quality like desktop and portable vaporizers do, but they are very superior in keeping your vaping habit more stealthy (if that's the way you want to go). Some top companies who are well-known for designing high quality vaporizer pens include Atmos RX, Cloud Pen, Dr. Dabber, KandyPens and The Kind Pen.

  • When choosing the right type of vaporizer to use, you also need to consider these factors:
  • - Where will you be vaping? Indoors or outdoors?
  • - What material do you usually smoke?
  • - How much is your budget?

  • Hope you'll find the vape that's right for you. You can also check more of our leading vaporizer brands at and keep your mind elevated!