February 29, 2024

Yocan DYNO Review

By Dahlia Day
Yocan DYNO Review

The Yocan Dyno Nectar Collector / Dab Straw is not just another vaporizer; it's a testament to Yocan Battery's commitment to continuous innovation and user satisfaction. With its array of features designed to enrich your vaping experience, the Dyno stands out for its blend of style, functionality, and convenience. However, every device has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Dyno is no exception.

What are the 2 coolest things about the Dyno that no other nectar collectors have?

  1. Precision Control of Voltage: The variable voltage control allows you to tailor the temperature to your preference, allowing you to focus on flavor or maximize vapor production. This level of control isn't always found in budget-friendly options.
  2. Water filtration: The detachable glass bubbler provides a smoother and cooler vaping experience by filtering out impurities and harshness. This is a unique feature for a portable nectar collector and sets it apart from simpler models.

Closer look at what the DYNO offers


  • Large 1000mAh Battery Capacity: The device's powerful battery ensures long-lasting sessions, varying from daily use to a full week, depending on how intensely you vape.
  • Superior Ceramics and Smooth Vapor: Featuring a ceramic atomizing head, the Dyno enhances cloud production, allowing you to immerse yourself in a cooler, cleaner, and more delicious vapor experience. The detachable glass bubbler adds water filtration for even smoother hits.
  • Carefully Tailored Dabbing Experience: Variable voltage settings (2.0V-4.2V) and an adjustable RGB neon light offer personalized flavor and vapor production, ensuring a session that's just right for you.
  • Design and Portability: The compact design, enhanced by professional ID designers who carefully match each color, ensures the device is not only stylish but also comfortable for on-the-go use.
  • User-Friendly Features: An easy-to-read OLED display shows critical vaping parameters. The package of the Yocan Dyno includes convenient features like a magnetic atomizer head and cap for stability, built-in dab tool storage, and Type-C charging for quick power-ups.
  • Enhanced Vaping Feel: The design includes a larger contact surface and wider air passages, promising an enhanced vaping experience.


  • It could be little difficult for some users to put water in the chamber.
  • Ceramic Tip Durability: Despite the superior ceramics, some users have raised concerns over the ceramic tip's susceptibility to clogging.

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Exploring the Yocan Dyno: A Week with the Nectar Collector

After we received a sample of the Yocan Dyno, I, Dahlia Day, tested it everyday for a week. With claims of smooth vapor production and an enduring battery life, he embarked on a detailed week-long journey with this nectar collector. Here's a summary of his observations:

Day 1: Initial Impressions

The setup process was filled with anticipation. I struggled adding water in the chamber because the hole is very small. My first session, featuring a citrus-flavored concentrate, was impressive. The vapor, cooled and softened by the water in the bubbler, delivered a smooth and flavorful experience. The ceramic tip warmed up efficiently, allowing for quick and easy dabs with adjustable heat settings, thanks to the device's voltage control. It was an instant upgrade from my previous setup.

Day 3: Battery and Portability

I got used to putting water in the chamber, and it was quite easy now. The Dyno's battery life was remarkable, supporting prolonged sessions without the constant need for recharging. Its compact size made it an ideal travel companion, fitting discreetly into my backpack. The magnetic base was a thoughtful addition, providing stability and safety during use.

Day 5: Maintenance Insights

While the device came with a useful cleaning brush, I found the ceramic tip prone to residue buildup, necessitating frequent cleaning with alcohol wipes. While not a significant inconvenience, it's an important aspect to consider for ongoing maintenance. As all other electric nectar collectors, I think the Dyno and its tip need to be clean every after session. Otherwise, it would get clogged. This is a common procedure for dab straws for a long run.

Day 7: Concluding Thoughts

After a week of consistent use, the Dyno stood out for its reliable performance and the exceptional quality of vapor it produced. The device excellently showcased the flavors of various concentrates, enhanced by its adjustable temperature settings.

Overall Verdict

The Yocan Dyno, while not without its minor flaws such as the need for regular cleaning of the ceramic tip and a desire for slightly better airflow, represents excellent value. Its strengths in battery life, portability, and effective water filtration make it a compelling choice for those seeking flavorful and convenient dabbing experiences. Be ready to adopt a cleaning routine to maintain its performance.

Closing Thoughts

It's worth noting that vaping experiences are highly subjective. I encourage potential users to consider their preferences and needs when evaluating the Dyno. For those in search of a portable, high-performing nectar collector vape pen, the Yocan Dyno could very well be the perfect addition to your adventures.

Overall Impression: The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Killer

The Yocan Dyno Digital Nectar Collector is very similar to the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus, which is the Lookah's bester seller. It is a compelling choice, particularly for those new to dabbing or vapers who value portability and ease of use above all. Its large battery, innovative ceramic atomizing head, and the inclusion of bubbler glass water filtration are significant advantages. Yet, potential buyers should weigh these benefits against the cons, such as the concerns regarding the ceramic tip. Because of these advantages, the Dyno could be better than the Seahorse Pro Plus. What do you think if you have both devices? Write your comment below this blog.

Final Thoughts

Included in the package of the Yocan Dyno is everything needed to start a session right out of the box, promising a premium and carefully tailored dabbing experience. While it may not suit every vaper's needs, those who choose the Dyno according to their preferences will likely find much to appreciate. Always remember, vaping responsibly and ensuring your device aligns with your usage habits are key to a satisfying experience.

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